Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview

Starting TTSnoop

To start the program, enter the following command on the command line:

ttsnoop [ -t ]

The -t option displays the ToolTalk API calls that are being used to construct a particular pattern or message. Table 3-1 describes the buttons that are displayed when TTSnoop starts.

Table 3-1 TTSnoop Buttons




Click this button to activate message reception. TTSnoop will display any incoming messages that match the patterns you register.  


Click this button to stop receiving messages.  


Click this button to clear the window. 

About TTSnoop 

Click this button to obtain general help for TTSnoop.  


Click this button to display a panel of checkboxes to highlight specific ToolTalk message components on the TTSnoop display subwindow.  


Click this button to display a panel that enables you to create, store, and send ToolTalk messages.  


Click this button to display a panel that enables you to compose and register ToolTalk patterns.  

Send Messages 

Click this button to send messages that were stored using the Messages display. 

Note -

To obtain help for individual buttons and settings, place the mouse over the button or setting and click the F1 key or Help key on your keyboard.