Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


char * tt_host_netfile_file(
  const char *   host,
  const char *    netfilename

The tt_host_file_netfile() function maps between local and canonical path names on the remote host. It converts the file specified netfilename to a path name that is valid on the remote host. The netfilename is a copy of a null-terminated string returned by the tt_netfile_file function.

Note -

You do not need to call the tt_open function before you use this function.

If the specified file is not currently mounted on the local host, a path name in the form of


is constructed, where:

This function returns either an error pointer or, if successful, a newly-allocated null-terminated local file name.

Use tt_ptr_error to extract a status from an error pointer. Possible errors are described in Table C-3.

Table C-3 Possible Errors Returned by tt_host_netfile_file




netfilename is not a valid netfilename


rpc.ttdbserverd could not be reached on host


rpc.ttdbserverd does not appear to be properly installed on host


rpc.ttdbserverd version does not support the tt_host_netfile_file() function

To free allocated strings, use either the tt_free or tt_release call.

To convert the file back to a local file name for the same file, use the tt_host_file_netfile() function.