KCMS Application Developer's Guide

Before You Read This Guide

Check the following documentation for any corrections or updates to the information in this guide.

See the online SUNWrdm packages for information on bugs and issues, engineering news, and patches. For Solaris installation bugs and for late-breaking bugs, news, and patch information, see the Solaris 9 Installation Guide.

For SPARCTM systems, consult any updates your hardware manufacturer provided.

Although you do not have to be a color scientist to write applications with the KCMS API, a certain amount of color literacy is helpful. Table P-1 lists two white papers that contain some basic information on color and KCMS. The files are located on-line in the /usr/openwin/demo/kcms/docs/ directory.

Table P-1 KCMS White Papers

File Name 



An Introduction to the Kodak Color Management System


Kodak Color Management System

The KCMS framework this guide describes uses the International Color Consortium (ICC) format as the default format for color manipulation. For details on ICC, you should read the International Color Consortium Profile Format Specification. The ICC profile format specification is located by default in the icc.ps file in the /opt/SUNWsdk/kcms/doc directory. This is the specification to which this version of KCMS conforms. For the most current version of the ICC specification, see the web site at http://www.color.org.