KCMS Application Developer's Guide

Equivalent Terms in This Guide

For historic reasons, this guide uses several equivalent Kodak and ICC terms. The terms evolved at different times. Development of the ICC specification introduced new ICC terms with meanings the same as (or similar to) already existing Kodak terms.

You should be familiar with the terms listed in Table P-3, as you will encounter them in the ICC specification and KCMS color management documentation, as well as in the KCMS header files and example programs. The terms are defined as they are introduced in this guide.

Table P-3 Equivalent ICC and Kodak Terms

Kodak Term 

ICC Term 



device color profile (DCP) 

input, display, or output profile 

effects color profile (ECP) 

abstract profile 

complete color profile (CCP) 

device link profile 

reference color space (RCS) 

profile connection space (PCS) 

Note -

The text in this guide uses the term attribute instead of tag, (but code examples and header files may use tag for the historic reasons previously mentioned).