ONC+ Developer's Guide

Port Monitor Messages

The format of messages from a port monitor to the SAC is defined by the structure pmmsg.

struct pmmsg {
 	char pm_type;                /* type of message */
 	unchar pm_state;             /* current state of port monitor */
 	char pm_maxclass;            /* maximum message class this port
                                   monitor understands */
 	char pm_tag[PMTAGSIZE + 1];  /* port monitor's tag */
 	int pm_size;                 /* size of optional data portion */

Port monitors can send two types of messages to the SAC. The type of message is indicated by setting the pm_type field of the pmmsg structure to one of the following values:

For both types of messages, set the pm_tag field to the port monitor's tag and the pm_state field to the port monitor's current state. Valid states are:

The current state reflects any changes caused by the last message from the SAC.

The status message is the normal return message. The negative acknowledgement should be sent only when the message received is not understood.

pm_size indicates the size of the optional-data part of the message. pm_maxclass is used to specify a message class. Both fields are discussed in Message Classes. In the Solaris environment, always set pm_maxclass to 1 and sc_size to 0.

Port monitors can never initiate messages; they can only respond to messages that they receive.