IPv6 Administration Guide

How to Add IPv6 Addresses to DNS

  1. Become superuser on system that has DNS.

  2. Edit the appropriate DNS zone file by adding AAAA records for the IPv6–enabled host, using the following format.

    host-name  IN   AAAA 	host-address
  3. Edit the DNS reverse zone file and add PTR records, using the following format.

    host-address IN   PTR   host-name

See RFC 1886 for more information about AAAA and PTR records.

Example—DNS Zone File

vallejo		IN		AAAA   2::9256:a00:20ff:fe12
IN		AAAA   fec0::9256:a00:20ff:fe12:528

Example—DNS Reverse Zone File

$ORIGIN	ip6.int. \
	IN		PTR		vallejo.Eng.apex.COM. \
	IN		PTR		vallejo.Eng.apex.COM.