GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment Accessibility Guide

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table lists the essential keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate the desktop. The keyboard shortcuts that you use to navigate specific desktop elements and controls are described in the appropriate sections of this chapter.




Give focus to the next desktop element or control. 


Reverse the navigation direction and give focus to the previous desktop element or control. In general, the Shift key reverses the navigation direction.


If the Tab key has a specific purpose in a control, press Ctrl+Tab to give focus to the next element or control. For example, if you press Tab in a text box, the system inserts a tab space.

To give focus to the previous element or control, press Shift+Ctrl+Tab.

arrow keys 

Navigate within a desktop element or control. 


Activate the element or control that has focus. For example, if the current control is a button, this action is the equivalent of clicking on the button with a mouse. 


Close a window, menu, or drawer.