Solaris 9 Installation Guide

SPARC: Factory JumpStart Installation Method

The JumpStart installation method automatically installs the Solaris software on a new SPARC system when you insert the Solaris 9 DVD or Solaris 9 Software 1 of 2 CD into the drive and turn on the system. A default profile is selected that is based on the model and disk size of the system. The profile determines which software components are installed on the system. You are not prompted for system configuration information and you cannot choose which software is installed.

A JumpStart boot image, which is required to use this installation method, is preinstalled on all new SPARC based systems. If you have an older SPARC based system, you can add the JumpStart installation method to the system by using the re-preinstall(1M) command. You cannot use the JumpStart installation method on x86 based systems.