Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Chapter 21 Custom JumpStart Installation (Topics)

This section provides instructions for creating, preparing, and performing custom JumpStart installations.

Chapter 22, Custom JumpStart (Overview)

Provides an introduction and overview of the custom JumpStart installation method. 

Chapter 23, Preparing Custom JumpStart Installations (Tasks)

Provides instructions about how to prepare the systems at your site from which and on which you are installing the Solaris 9 software with the custom JumpStart installation method. 

Chapter 24, Using Optional Custom JumpStart Features (Tasks)

Describes the optional features that you can use to create additional tools for a custom JumpStart installation. 

Chapter 25, Creating Custom Rule and Probe Keywords (Tasks)

Provides information and procedures for creating your own custom rule and custom probe keywords. 

Chapter 26, Performing a Custom JumpStart Installation (Tasks)

Describes how to perform a custom JumpStart installation on a SPARC based or an x86 based system. You need to follow these procedures on the system on which you intend to install the Solaris 9 software. 

Chapter 27, Installing With Custom JumpStart (Examples)

Provides an example of setting up and installing Solaris software on both SPARC based and x86 based systems by using the custom JumpStart installation method. 

Chapter 28, Custom JumpStart (Reference)

Contains lists of keywords and values to be used in the rules file, profiles, begin scripts, and finish scripts.