Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Allow All Systems Access to the Profile Server

When you create a profile server, you must ensure that systems can access the JumpStart directory on the profile server during a custom JumpStart installation. Use one of the following ways to ensure access:

Note –

The following procedure is not necessary if you save the JumpStart directory on a diskette or if you specify the location of the profile server when you boot the system.

The following procedure is valid only if you store network installation information in the /etc/bootparams file. You can also store network installation information in one of the following places:

  1. On the install or boot server, log in as superuser.

  2. Use a text editor to open /etc/bootparams.

  3. Add this entry.

    * install_config=server:jumpstart_dir_path

    A wildcard character that specifies that all systems have access 


    The host name of the profile server where the JumpStart directory is located 


    The absolute path of the JumpStart directory 

    For example, the following entry allows all systems to access the /jumpstart directory on the profile server that is named sherlock:

    * install_config=sherlock:/jumpstart

    Caution – Caution –

    Use of this procedure might produce the following error message when an install client is booted:

    WARNING: getfile: RPC failed: error 5: (RPC Timed out).

    Booting From the Network, Error Messages contains details about this error message.

    All systems can now access the profile server.