Solaris 9 Installation Guide

x86: Create the Marketing Group's Profile

For the marketing systems, you create a file that is named marketing_prof in the /jumpstart directory. The marketing_prof file contains the following entries, which define the Solaris 9 software to be installed on systems in the marketing group:

install_type  initial_install1
system_type   standalone2
partitioning  default3
cluster       SUNWCuser4
package       SUNWaudio5
  1. Specifies that the installation is to be treated as an initial installation, as opposed to an upgrade.

  2. Specifies that the marketing systems are standalone systems.

  3. Specifies that the JumpStart software is to use default disk partitioning for installing Solaris on the marketing systems.

  4. Specifies that the End User Solaris Software Group is to be installed.

  5. Specifies that the audio demo software package is to be added to each system.