Solaris 9 Installation Guide

How the Size of swap Is Determined

If a profile does not specify the size of swap, the JumpStart program determines the size of the swap space, based on the system's physical memory. Table 28–5 shows how the size of swap is determined during a custom JumpStart installation.

Table 28–5 Determining swap Size

Physical Memory (in Mbytes) 

Swap Space (in Mbytes) 







Greater than 512 


The JumpStart program makes the size of swap no more than 20 percent of the disk where swap is located, unless the disk contains free space after laying out the other file systems. If free space exists, the JumpStart program allocates the free space to swap, and if possible, allocates the amount that is shown in Table 28–5.

Note –

Physical memory plus swap space must total a minimum of 32 Mbytes.