Solaris 9 Installation Guide

boot_device Profile Keyword

boot_device device eeprom

boot_device designates the device where the JumpStart program is to install the root (/) file system and the system's boot device.

If you do not specify the boot_device keyword in a profile, the following boot_device keyword is specified by default during the installation: boot_device any update.

device – Use one of the following values.

eeprom – Choose to update or preserve the system's EEPROM.

SPARC: Choose if you want to update or preserve the system's EEPROM to the specified boot device.

x86: You must specify the preserve value.

Note –

SPARC: On SPARC systems, the eeprom value also allows you to update the system's EEPROM if you change the system's current boot device. By updating the system's EEPROM, the system can automatically boot from the new boot device.


boot_device c0t0d0s2 update

Note –

boot_device must match any filesys keywords that specify the root (/) file system and the root_device keyword, if specified.