Solaris 9 Installation Guide

HTTP Server

If the archive is stored on an HTTP server, use the following syntax for the archive_location keyword.

archive_location http://server_name:port path/filename optional_keywords


The name of the server where you stored the archive. server_name can be a port number or the name of a TCP service that has a port number that is determined at runtime.


An optional port. If you do not specify a port, the Solaris Flash installation utilities use the default HTTP port number, 80. 


The location of the archive to be retrieved from the specified server. If the path contains $HOST, the Solaris Flash installation utilities replace $HOST with the name of the clone system that you are installing. 


The name of the Solaris Flash archive file. 


The optional keywords that you can specify when you retrieve a Solaris Flash archive from an HTTP server. 

Table 28–3 Optional Keywords to Use With archive_location http


Value Definitions 

auth basic user_name password

If the archive is located on an HTTP server that is password protected, you must include the user name and password that you need to access the HTTP server in the profile file.  

Note –

The use of this authentication method in a profile that is intended for use with custom JumpStart is risky. Unauthorized users might have access to the profile file that contains the password.

timeout min

The timeout keyword enables you to specify, in minutes, the maximum length of time that is allowed to pass without receipt of data from the HTTP server before the connection is closed, reopened, and resumed from the point where the timeout occurred. If you specify a timeout value of 0 (zero), the connection is not reopened because of inactivity.

If a time-out reconnection occurs, the Solaris Flash installation utilities attempt to resume the installation at the last known position in the archive. If the Solaris Flash installation utilities cannot resume the installation at the last known position, the retrieval restarts from the beginning of the archive and the data that was retrieved prior to the timeout is discarded. 

proxy host:port

The proxy keyword allows you to specify a proxy host and proxy port. You can use a proxy host to retrieve a Solaris Flash archive from the other side of a firewall. You must supply a proxy port when you specify the proxy keyword.


archive_location http://silver/archives/usrarchive.flar timeout 5 

Example of the auth basic user_name password keyword:

archive_location http://silver/archives/usrarchive.flar timeout 5 user1 secret