Solaris 9 Installation Guide

package Profile Keyword

package package_name [[add_delete_switch]]

Note –

You can use package with both the initial installation and upgrade options.

package designates whether a package is to be added to or deleted from the software group that is to be installed on the system.

You must specify package_name in the form SUNWname. To view detailed information about packages and their names, on an installed system, use the pkginfo -l command.

add_delete_switch represents the option add or delete, which you use to indicate whether to add or delete the specified package. If you do not specify add_delete_switch, add is used by default.

Note –

Some packages are required and cannot be deleted. You cannot individually add or delete localization packages by using the package profile keyword. To add localization packages, use the locale profile keyword.

When you use package for an upgrade, the JumpStart program performs the following actions: