Solaris 9 Maintenance Update 3 Installation Guide

patchadd Displays Error Message if a Patch That Supports Multiple Patch Architecture Is Installed (4706994)

If you install a patch that supports multiple package architecture, an error that is similar to the following benign error message might be displayed in the /var/sadm/install_data/Maintenance_Update_log.

Installing xxxxxx-yy (x of xx)
See /var/sadm/patch/xxxxxx-yy log for details
grep: can't open pdgabbrev.extension/pkginfo

For example, if patch 123456-01 contains patch packages SUNWcar and SUNWcar.u, the following error message is displayed.

grep: can't open SUNWcar.u/pkginfo

Workaround: Ignore the error message. The message does not affect the installation of the patch. The message indicates that patchadd(1M) does not pass the correct parameter to the remove_PATCH_PROPERTIES() function.