Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Example—Mounting Shared File Systems

Assume that the SUNWstuf package creates and shares a file system on the server at /export/SUNWstuf/share. When the package is installed to the client systems, their /etc/vfstab files need to be updated to mount this shared file system. This is a situation where you can use the CLIENT_BASEDIR variable.

The entry on the client needs to present the mount point with reference to the client's file system. This line should be constructed correctly whether the installation is from the server or from the client. Assume that the server's system name is $SERVER. You can go to $PKG_INSTALL_ROOT/etc/vfstab and, using the sed or awk commands, construct the following line for the client's /etc/vfstab file.

$SERVER:/export/SUNWstuf/share - $CLIENT_BASEDIR/usr nfs - yes ro

For example, for the server universe and the client system client9, the line in the client system's /etc/vfstab file would look like:

universe:/export/SUNWstuf/share - /opt/SUNWstuf.2/usr nfs - yes ro

Using these parameters correctly, the entry always mounts the client's file system, whether it is being constructed locally or from the server.