Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Creating a prototype File With the pkgproto Command

You can use the pkgproto command to build a basic prototype file, as long as you have organized your package directory structure as described in Organizing a Package's Contents. For example, using the sample directory structure and pkginfo file described in previous sections, the commands for creating the prototype file are:

$ cd /home/jane
$ pkgproto ./SUNWcadap > InfoFiles/prototype

The prototype file looks like:

d none SUNWcadap 0755 jane staff
d none SUNWcadap/demo 0755 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/demo/file1 0555 jane staff
d none SUNWcadap/srcfiles 0755 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/srcfiles/file5 0555 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/srcfiles/file6 0555 jane staff
d none SUNWcadap/lib 0755 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/lib/file2 0644 jane staff
d none SUNWcadap/man 0755 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/man/windex 0644 jane staff
d none SUNWcadap/man/man1 0755 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/man/man1/file4.1 0444 jane staff
f none SUNWcadap/man/man1/file3.1 0444 jane staff

Note –

The actual owner and group of the person building the package is recorded by the pkgproto command. A good technique is to use the chown -R and the chgrp -R commands, setting the owner and group as intended before running the pkgproto command.

This prototype file is not yet complete. See Fine-Tuning a prototype File Created With the pkgproto Command for information on completing this file.