Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Parametric Path Names

A parametric path name is a path name that includes a variable specification. For example, /opt/$PKGINST/filename is a parametric path name because of the $PKGINST variable specification. A default value for the variable specification must be defined in the pkginfo file. The value may then be changed by a request or checkinstall script.

A variable specification in a path must begin or end the path name, or be bounded by slashes (/). For example, valid parametric path names look like:


The variable specification, once defined, may cause the path to be evaluated as absolute or relocatable. For example, given this entry in a prototype file:

f none $DIRLOC/tests/generic

and this entry in the pkginfo file:


the path name, $DIRLOC/tests/generic, will evaluate to the absolute path name /myopt/tests/generic, regardless of whether the BASEDIR parameter is set in the pkginfo file.

However, if the pkginfo file contains these entries


then the path name, $DIRLOC/tests/generic, will evaluate to the relocatable path name /opt/firstcut/tests/generic.

For more information on parametric path names, see Using Parametric Base Directories.