Application Packaging Developer's Guide

A Brief Word on an Object's Source and Destination Locations

The path name field in the prototype file defines where the object will be located on the target system. However, if you did not organize your package's objects on your system in a directory structure that mimics their location on the target system (see Organizing a Package's Contents, then you also need to specify their present location in the prototype file.

If your development area is not structured in the same way that you want your package structured, you can use the path1=path2 format in the path field, where path1 is the location it should have on the target system, and path2 is the location it has on your system.

You can also use the path1=path2 path name format with path1 as a relocatable object name and path2 a full path name to that object on your system.

Note –

path1 may not contain undefined build variables, but may contain undefined install variables. path2 may not contain any undefined variables, although both build and install variables may be used. For information on the difference between install and build variables, see Package Environment Variables.

Links must use the path1= path2 format since they are created by the pkgadd command. As a general rule, path2 of a link should never be absolute, but should instead be relative to the directory portion of path1.

An option to using the path1=path2 format is to use the !search command. For more information, see Providing a Search Path for the pkgmk Command.