Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

lucreate Command Fails When Mounted Storage Device Name Is a Subset of Another Mounted Storage Device or a Storage Device Used for a New Boot Environment (4912890)

When using the lucreate command to create a new boot environment, the command fails in the following instances:

The following misleading error messages are displayed:

The file system creation utility /usr/lib/fs/ufsufs/mkfs is not available.

Unable to create all required file systems for boot-environment.

Cannot make file systems for boot-environment

Workaround: Ensure that there are no file systems in use on storage devices that have device names which are subsets of other storage devices with file systems that are also in use.

If any name ambiguity exists among the mounted file systems, rename the existing Solaris Volume Management metadevices.

In the following workaround, d10 and d100 are used as an example only. Other examples of ambiguous device names are d20 and d200, or d377 and d37, where d20 matches d200 and d377 matches d37.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Use the metarename command to rename one of the ambiguous metadevice names.

    # metarename d10 d300 

    The metadevice d10 is renamed to d300.

Note –

The file system on d10 must be unmounted before using the metarename command.

While the file system in unmounted, edit the /etc/vfstab file. Also, edit any other appropriate configuration file that contains the name of the metadevice you are renaming. Change any references of the old metadevice name to the new metadevice name.

If a process is accessing data on the file system, take the system down to single-user mode to unmount the file system. Reboot the system after making the changes.