Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

patchadd Command Installs Signed Patch if Two Identical Patches Exist in Same Location (4949580)

If a signed patch's contents are extracted into the same directory as the signed patch, the extracted patch cannot be installed by using the /usr/sbin/patchadd command. Instead, the signed patch is installed when you execute /usr/sbin/patchadd ./patchid. The unsigned, extracted patch is ignored.

In some instances, the following error messages might be displayed:

Verifying signed patch patchid...
ERROR: Unable to open keystore /var/sadm/security/patchadd
/truststore for reading
ERROR: Unable to lock keystore /var/sadm/security
for exclusive access
Signature invalid on signed patch patchid.
Patchadd is terminating.

Workaround: Choose from the following workarounds:

Note –

Change the default password changeit to the password that is used to protect the Java keystore.