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Late-Breaking News

This chapter provides the following information:

Name Change for the Supplement CD

The CD that was previously referred to as the Software Supplement for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment is now called the Solaris 9 9/04 Software Supplement. Past and present documentation might refer to this as the "Supplement CD."

Documents on the Software Supplement CD

The documents supplied on the Supplement CD differ in format from past releases. The AnswerBook2trademark format documentation collections are no longer supplied with the Solaris 9 9/04 release. Instead, the manuals are provided in installable packages of PDF and HTML files. After installing these packages on your system, you can access documents directly using a browser or PDF file reader, such as the Netscape Navigatortrademark or Adobe® Acrobat Reader program. For further information, refer to the documentation chapter in the Solaris 9 9/04 Sun Hardware Platform Guide.

Unbundled Product Support

Although the Solaris 9 9/04 software is tested to be compatible with previous releases, some applications might not be fully ABI-compliant. Contact the supplier of the unbundled product directly for information about compatibility.

If you are upgrading from an existing version of Solaris software and have installed unbundled products, either from Sun or from a different company, you must ensure that all those products are supported on the Solaris 9 9/04 operating environment prior to upgrading. Depending on the status of each unbundled product, you have three options for each unbundled product:

For additional information contact the supplier of the unbundled product or your service provider or go to:


Flash PROM Update for 64-Bit Operations

Some sun4u systems need to be updated to a higher level of OpenBoottrademark firmware in the flash PROM before they can run the 64-bit mode of the Solaris 9 9/04 operating environment. Systems that can only run the 32-bit mode, such as those in the sun4m platform groups, do not require updated firmware to run Solaris 9 9/04 software.

The only systems that might require this flash PROM update are the following:

See any edition of the Solaris 8 Sun Hardware Platform Guide at http://www.sun.com/documentation for instructions for determining whether your system needs a flash PROM update and for instructions on performing that update.

For the Ultra and Ultra 2 systems, an antistatic wrist strap might be required for the update. If you need a wrist strap, send e-mail to strap@sun.com.

DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives on Headless Systems (Bug ID 4365497)

Power management of interactive devices such as removable media is linked with power management of your monitor and the graphics card that drives your monitor. If your screen is active, devices such as the CD-ROM drive and diskette are kept at full-power mode. This means that if you are running a system without a monitor, these devices might go into low-power mode. If this happens and you want to restore power to the CD or diskette, type volcheck to obtain the latest status from each removable device.

Alternatively, you can disable power management on your system by using the Dtpower GUI. Then the devices are not put into low-power mode even when on a headless system, but run at full power all the time. This is not a bug; this is the intended behavior.