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Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.2.1 Software Release Notes



1. Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.2.1 Software Release Notes

Major New Features

Related Software

Disabling Installation Notification

Mellanox Host Channel Adapter Support

Known Issues

PLPA does not recognize multiple hardware threads per core (CR 6887809)

On Some Linux Variants, Analyzer May Not Show ClusterTools MPI State Profiling Data (CR 6854789)

ClusterTools built with Pathscale compiler does not support XRC in OpenIB BTL. (CR 6852175)

MPI Library is Not Thread-Safe (CR 6474910)

Using udapl BTL on Local Zones Fails for MPI Programs (CR 6480399)

udapl BTL in Open MPI Should Detect That a udapl Connection is Not Accessible and Not Just Hang (CR 6497612)

MPI Is Not Handling Resource Exhaustion Gracefully (CR 6499679)

Request Script Prevents SUNWompiat From Propagating to Nonglobal Zone During Zone Creation (CR 6539860)

udapl BTL Use of Fragment Free Lists Can Potentially Starve a Peer Connection and Prevent Progress (CR 6542966)

TotalView: MPI-2 Support Is Not Implemented (CR 6597772)

TotalView: Message Queue for Unexpected Messages is Not Implemented (CR 6597750)

Slow Startup Seen on Large SMP (CR 6559928)

DDT Message Queue Hangs When Debugging 64-Bit Programs (CR 6741546)

MPI_Comm_spawn Fails When uDAPL BTL is in Use on Solaris (CR 6742102)