SunVTS 7.0 Patch Set 4 Release Notes

The SunVTStrademark 7.0 Patch Set 4 software is designed for the Solaristrademark 10 10/08 or later operating system (OS).

Topics include:

Note - All tests released in SunVTS 7.0 are documented in the SunVTS 7.0 Software User’s Guide.

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SunVTS Support for the Solaris OS on x86-Based Systems

Note - In this document these x86 related terms mean the following:
“x86” refers to the larger family of 64-bit and 32-bit x86 compatible products,
“x64” points out specific 64-bit information about AMD64 or EM64T systems.

SunVTS 7.0 Patch Set 4 supports all Sun manufactured x86/x64 systems. Non-Sun systems are not supported.

Note - If you run SunVTS on unsupported platforms, a warning message will be displayed stating that the platform is not supported. Nevertheless, testing would be allowed to move forward.

You must install the x86 version of the SunVTS packages to perform SunVTS on x86 platforms. The software packages use the same names as in the SPARC® environment. The SunVTS packages delivered separately for both x86 and SPARC Solaris platforms are as follows:

The SunVTS components available for x86 Solaris platforms are as follows.


There are two bootable versions of SunVTS on x86 available for download. One contains SunVTS with all user interfaces, including the Browser User Interface (BUI) and the other (which does not include the BUI) instead relies on vtstty for user interface.

Test Mode Default Values

Starting with SunVTS 7.0 Patch Set 4, the default value for Test Time, Test Pass and Scheduling Policy for all three test modes has been changed. Test options are selected from the Test Options Screen of the SunVTS 7.0 browser user interface (BUI) (see the SunVTS 7.0 Software User’s Guide, Chapter 3, “Using the SunVTS Browser User Interface”). The following default values are:

procedure icon  To Change the Scheduling Policy Default Test Time

1. Select options for each Test and modify the Scheduling Policy Test Time option.

(See Table 3-14, Test Options Screen, Chapter 3, “Using the SunVTS Browser User Interface” of the SunVTS 7.0 Software User’s Guide).

2. Select the time in minutes that you wish to be the default.

Scheduling Test Time (min) test time field

In the test time field, specify the number of desired default in minutes.

3. Once the options for all Tests are modified, start the tests.

Software Notes

Install and Uninstall Using the Same Program

Use pkgadd for installation and pkgrm to uninstall.

Open Issues

CR 6694279: e1000g Driver: Internal Loopback Mode Support Needed for nic ESB-2 (Intel® 82564EBt, Intel® 82563EB)

When a user runs Bootable CD on Sun Fire x4150/x4250 and Sun Fire x4450 systems, the Network Test appears disabled by default. If the user enables the Network Test and starts testing, they might notice a test failure since the e1000g driver does not provide internal loopback mode support.

CR 6764833: aioread, pread64 Calls Fails With
128 Kbyte Block Size on 32-bit x86 Systems

aioread and pread64 calls fail with 128 Kbyte block size on 32-bit x86 systems.

Workaround: Do not run disktest in Exerciser mode (SL-4) at default settings.

Feedback and Support

You can request Sun support and provide feedback to Sun at the following email address: