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SGD Administration Console Configuration Settings

The deployment descriptor for the SGD Administration Console web application contains settings that control the operation of the SGD Administration Console. The deployment descriptor is the following file:

Skip past preformatted text/opt/tarantella/webserver/tomcat/version/sgdadmin/WEB-INF/web.xml

This page describes the settings in the deployment descriptor that you might want to configure. Most of the settings are context parameters (contained in <context-param> elements). You must not change any other settings. When working with these settings, note the following:

The com.sun.tta.confmgr.DisplayLimit context parameter allows you to configure the maximum number of search results you can display in the SGD Administration Console. The default is 150. If there are more results than the display limit, the SGD Administration Console displays a message. Increasing the display limit can have an effect on performance. Set the display limit to 0 to see unlimited search results.

The com.sun.tta.confmgr.LdapSearchTimeLimit context parameter allows you to configure the maximum time in milliseconds to allow for a search of an LDAP directory. The default is 0, which means the search time is unlimited. Only change this context parameter, if you have particularly slow LDAP directory servers.

The following context parameters are used to filter the display of LDAP data (when you select Local + LDAP in the Repository list) in the SGD Administration Console:

These context parameters contain the definitions of what the SGD Administration Console considers as LDAP containers, users, and groups. You might want to change these filters to improve performance or to change the definition of these LDAP object types to match what is used in your LDAP directory. To avoid inconsistencies, if you change a filter for the navigation tree, you must also change the filter used for the LDAP search.

The session-timeout setting defines the period of time after which the user is logged out if there is no activity (no HTTP requests) in SGD Administration Console. The default is 30 minutes.

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