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Do I Have to Reconfigure SGD Printers If the Array Changes?

When you make changes to an array of SGD servers, SGD printers are not reconfigured and so print jobs might be wrongly directed. When you make change to an array, a warning message is displayed advising that you might have reconfigure your SGD printers. The warning is displayed in the following circumstances:

Whether you have to reconfigure your SGD printers, depends on the type of application server and the change made to the array. The following table shows when you need to reconfigure your SGD printers.

Application server type New
UNIX or Linux No No Yes
Windows 2000 or 2003 No No No
Windows NT 4 Yes Yes No
Windows NT 3.51 Yes Yes No

If you add a new secondary SGD server to the array, you must install a new printer on your UNIX or Linux application servers for the new secondary.

If you create an array or change the primary SGD server in the array, you must reconfigure the printers on your Windows NT 4 and NT 3.51 application servers so that they use the new primary server.

For instructions on configuring printers, see the following:

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