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Why Do Users See a Printer Called "_Default" in a Windows Application Session?

Users, who access Windows applications using UNIX, Linux or Mac OS X client devices, might see a printer called "_Default" in their Windows application session. This can be confusing to users if their client printer has a different name or they have no client printer.

This is caused by the default setting in the printerinfo.txt file which is used to associate the printer driver name with a print job when printing from a Windows application.

Correcting the Printer Name

To correct the printer so that it shows the name of the printer the user actually has, you need to edit either of the following files:

Note The user's printerinfo.txt takes precedence over the settings in the default.printerinfo.txt.

Edit the [UNIX] section of this file so that it shows the correct printer name, Windows printer driver name and printer type, for example:
"salesprinter" = "HP LaserJet 5/5M" PostScript

Note To ensure you have the correct driver name, search for it in the default.printerinfo.txt file. This file contains all the common driver names. To avoid errors, such as incorrect capitalization, copy and paste the driver name from this file.

Removing the "_Default" Printer Completely

If users have no printers attached to their client device, you can prevent the "_Default" printer from appearing in the Windows application session by removing it from the [UNIX] section from either of the following files:

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