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Integrating SGD With the Desktop Start or Launch Menu

Read This Topic to...
  • Understand how to access SGD from the desktop Start or Launch Menu on the client device
  • Understand the differences between Webtop mode and Integrated mode

When users first connect to an SGD server, they usually start a web browser and go the http://SGD-server/sgd URL. Here they log in and display a webtop. However, once users have logged in, the Sun Secure Global Desktop Client can be configured to operate in Integrated mode.

When the SGD Client operates in Integrated mode, the links for starting applications display in the desktop Start or Launch Menu instead of on the webtop so that users can run remote applications in the same way as local applications. Depending on how you configure Start Menu integration, there might be no need to use a web browser.

Note Use Integrated mode if your organization prefers not to use Java™ technology on the client device.

Working in Integrated Mode

When the SGD Client is in Integrated mode, the user logs in to SGD by clicking the Login link on their desktop Start or Launch Menu.

Screen capture of logging in from the desktop Start Menu

If the user has logged in to more than one SGD server, there is a Login link for each server in the Start or Launch Menu.

Note To use Integrated mode, you must log in using the Start or Launch Menu. Integrated mode is not available if you start a web browser and log in.

Once the user has logged in to SGD, the Start or Launch Menu is updated with the links for the applications they can run through SGD.

Screen capture of webtop content in desktop Start Menu

To start an application, the user clicks its link on the Start or Launch Menu. To start another instance of the application, they click the link again.

Working in integrated mode simplifies session management. Unlike the webtop, there are no controls for suspending and resuming applications. Instead, when the user logs out, the SGD Client automatically suspends or ends all running application sessions. When the user logs in again, the SGD Client automatically resumes all suspended sessions.

In Integrated mode, users cannot launch applications with a different user name and password by pressing and holding down the Shift key when clicking the link to start an application.

Printing is simplified too, printing is always "on" and print jobs go straight to the printer the user selected. Unlike the webtop, print jobs cannot be managed individually.

If the user needs to display a webtop, for example to be able to edit their profile, resume a suspended application or manage printing, they can click the Webtop link on the Start Menu. The user is not prompted to log in as they already have a user session. The webtop is displayed in their default web browser.

If the user has arranged any of their webtop content to display in groups, those groups are also used in the Start or Launch Menu. If the group is configured to hide webtop content, the content does not display in the Start or Launch Menu.

To log out of SGD, the user clicks the Logout link on the Start or Launch Menu.

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