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Can Users Access SGD Without Java Technology?

Yes, with some additional configuration. SGD uses the SGD Client Helper, which is a Java™ applet, to perform the following functions:

If your organization prefers not to use Java technology, you must download the SGD Client manually, install it, and then configure it to connect to SGD. You do this as follows:

  1. Manually download and install the SGD Client.
  2. Start the SGD Client and connect to SGD.
  3. Edit the profile for your client device.
    1. On the webtop, click the Edit button in the Applications area of the webtop. Click the Client Settings tab and edit the profile.
    2. Configure the operating mode of the SGD Client, whether webtop mode or integrated mode.
      • Integrated mode gives users the best user experience when Java technology is unavailable, select the Add applications to Start Menu check box.
      • Use automatic logins to minimize the use of a web browser, select the Automatic Client Login check box.
      • Whenever the SGD Client needs to display a page in a web browser, for example to display a webtop or a login page, it always starts the default web browser.
      • To update the webtop display, users might have to manually reload the page. Alternatively, change the login URL to use the "thin" style webtop, http:/
    3. Configure the proxy server settings. You must specify the proxy server settings in the profile because these settings cannot be obtained from the web browser.
    4. Click save.

    Note Secure Global Desktop Administrators can pre-configure many of these settings for users by editing the profile for an organization or organizational unit.

  4. Log out of SGD.
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