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Relocating the Webtop to Your Own JSP Container

The webtop is a JavaServer Pages (JSP) application that you can relocate to your own JSP container. The JSP container can be on the same host as an SGD server or on a different host.

To use your own JSP container, the container must support the following:

Note Once you relocate the webtop to your JSP container, you have to manually upgrade the webtop by following the procedure on this page for each new release.

To relocate the webtop, do the following:

  1. Re-configure the ports used by the SGD Web Server.
  2. Copy the webtop web application to your JSP container.

    Copy all the files in the following directories into the web applications directory on the new host:

    Note These directories contain symbolic links, make sure you preserve the links when you copy the directories.

  3. Copy the required library and class files.
  4. Configure the web services endpoints.
  5. Restart your JSP container and the SGD Web Server.
  6. Log in to the relocated webtop.

Note If you use third-party authentication, you might want to configure a new trusted user for the relocated webtop.

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