Open HA Cluster Installation Guide

ProcedureHow to Prepare to Download Open HA Cluster Software

Perform this procedure on each machine that you intend to install as a cluster node. In addition, if you intend to use a quorum server as a quorum device, perform this procedure on the machine that you intend to install as the quorum server.

Before You Begin

Ensure that OpenSolaris 2009.06 software is installed. See How to Install OpenSolaris Software on the Cluster Nodes.

  1. Become superuser on a machine to which you want to download software.

    Alternatively, if your user account is assigned the Primary Administrator profile, execute commands as non-root through a profile shell, or prefix the command with the pfexec command.

  2. Open a web browser.

  3. Register with and obtain the necessary key and certificate for the Open HA Cluster repository,

    The following commands show the creation of the directory /var/pkg/sslto contain the downloaded key file and certificate file for the Open HA Cluster repository.

    phys-schost# mkdir -m 0755 -p /var/pkg/ssl
    phys-schost# cp -i ~/Download/Open_HA_Cluster_2009.06.key.pem /var/pkg/ssl
    phys-schost# cp -i ~/Download/Open_HA_Cluster_2009.06.certificate.pem /var/pkg/ssl

    For more information, see Using Keys and Certificates for Repositories.

  4. Set the location of the Open HA Cluster 2009.06 package repository.

    Specify the location of the key file and the certificate file that you obtained in the previous step.

    phys-schost# /usr/bin/pkg set-publisher \
    -k /var/pkg/ssl/Open_HA_Cluster_2009.06.key.pem \
    -c /var/pkg/ssl/Open_HA_Cluster_2009.06.certificate.pem \
    -O ha-cluster
  5. Verify the ha-cluster publisher and repository location.

    phys-schost# /usr/bin/pkg publisher
    PUBLISHER                           URL           
Next Steps

If you want to install a machine as a quorum server to use as the quorum device in your cluster, go next to How to Install and Configure Quorum Server Software.

Otherwise, if you will use virtual network interfaces (VNICs) in the cluster private interconnect and want to preconfigure the VNICs, go to How to Create a Virtual Network Interface (VNIC). You can alternatively create VNICs during cluster configuration by running the scinstall utility in Custom Mode.

Otherwise, go to How to Install Open HA Cluster 2009.06 Software.