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Sun Blade T6320 G2 and Sun Blade T6320 Server Modules Product Notes

Product Notes


Feedback Contents

1. Important Information

Identifying Your Server Module Generation

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Identify the Generation of Your Server Module

Summary of New Features

New Support for SAS-2 Components

ILOM Remote Consoles (Remote KVMS)

Supported Versions of the Oracle Solaris OS, Firmware, and Patches

Required Oracle Solaris 10 OS Patches

procedure iconsmall spaceAccess OS, Patch, and Firmware Updates

Supported Chassis

procedure iconsmall spaceIdentify Your Chassis Midplane Version

Supported Modular Components

Online Documentation

Important Firmware Upgrade Required Prior to Mixing SAS-1 and SAS-2 Components

2. Late-Breaking Issues

Storms of Events Might Impact Logging of Telemetry Data (CR 6983799)

200-Gbyte SATA Hard Drive Vibration Sensitivity

Drive OK-to-Remove LED Might Not Work When Using the cfgadm -c unconfigure Command (CR 6946124)

procedure iconsmall spaceManually Locate a Drive

cfgadm Does Not Unconfigure the Path When Multipathing Software Is Enabled (CR 6948701)

procedure iconsmall spaceManually Unconfiguring Multipath-Enabled Drives

Locate Button Is Inoperative (CR 6862442)

Hot-Insertion of Blade Not Recognized by CMM - Intermittent (CR 6855886)

Kernel Errors Reported (CR 6839498 and 6533591)

3. Information Not Covered in the Online Documentation

OS Installation from a USB DVD Drive

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the OS From a USB DVD Drive

OS Installation From a USB Flash Device

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the OS to a USB Flash Device

Remote Console (Remote KVMS)

Local Graphics Monitor or Local KVMS Support

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access the System Console Through a Local Graphics Monitor

Memory Capacity and FB-DIMM Configuration

FB-DIMM Configuration Guidelines

When Upgrading Memory

When Replacing Faulty FB-DIMMs