Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude Troubleshooting Guide

Issues Related to asadmin

asadmin start-domain Command Fails

The command asadmin start-domain fails with one of the following errors:

Error: CLI143 There is more than one domain...


When issued with no arguments, the command asadmin start-domain fails with the error:

CLI143 There is more than one domain in C:\\Sun\\AppServer\\domains.
Please use operand to specify the domain.
CLI156 Could not start the domain null.

This error occurs when there is more than one domain in the domains directory, none of them is named domain1, and no domain is specified with the start-domain command.


Specify the domain when issuing the start-domain command:

asadmin start-domain domain-name

For example:

asadmin start-domain mycustomdomain

Error: Could Not Start Domain


This message comes from Sun Java System Application Server 8. The full message looks like either:

Could not start the domain.
There are no domains.


Could not start the domain.
No default domain. Need to enter a domain.

This error occurs when Sun Java System Application Server 8 is installed on the same system, and its asadmin command (at /usr/sbin) is found on the PATH before the asadmin command for Sun Java System Application Server 8 at as-install/bin. The situation is especially likely to occur on Solaris and Linux systems when . is not specified as part of the PATH variable. Without . in the PATH, the asadmin command in /usr/sbin is found first, even when the current directory is as-install/bin.


Make sure as-install/bin is in the PATH ahead of /usr/sbin, or that . is in the PATH ahead of /usr/sbin if you access asadmin by changing directories to as-install/bin. Alternatively, if you do change to as-install/bin to run asadmin, be sure to include./ in the command name; for example:

cd as-install/bin

Cannot Stop Domain Using asadmin stop-domain


You cannot stop the domain using the asadmin stop-domain command.


Search the server.log file for error messages related to your inability to stop the domain. To kill a process when stop-domain is not working, try $JAVA_HOME/bin/jps and look for the process with ASMain.

Using asadmin set Command Might Produce Unexpected Results


Unexpected results are returned when setting variables in a command, such as:

asadmin set name={$a-b}

In this case, name is set to b, not {$a-b} because the shell syntax ${a=b} is interpreted as “if the variable a is unset, substitute the value b, otherwise substitute the value of a.” This is standard shell behavior. For example, consider the following:

asadmin set default-config.http-service.http-listener.http-listener-1.port=

In this case, default-config.http-service.http-listener.http-listener-1.port is set to listener-1-port, which is invalid.