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Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Release Notes, Release 6.6

Release 6.6



1. Sun StorageTek 6540 Array Release Notes

For Information About CAM

For Related Patch Information

What’s In This Firmware Release

Array Features

Auto Service Request

Array Expansion Module Support

Best Practices for Adding Expansion Modules

System Requirements

Disk Drives and Tray Capacity

Data Host Requirements

Multipathing Software

Supported Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs)

Supported Enterprise Software

Supported FC and Multilayer Switches

Upgrading Firmware

Upgrading Array Firmware

To Upgrade the Firmware on the Array

Troubleshooting Upgrade Failures

Updating the SSD Driver for the Solaris OS

To Update the SSD Driver for the Solaris 8 OS

Restrictions and Known Issues

Installation and Initial Configuration Issues

Hardware and Firmware Issues

Documentation Issues

Operational Information

Release Documentation

Service Contact Information

Third-Party Web Sites

Sun Welcomes Your Comments

A. Disk Drive Insertion