Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


To list all configuration parameters and their values in both the Directory Server LDAP database and local server configuration file:


To import configurations from an input file named config.cfg:

configutil -i config.cfg

To list all configuration parameters with the prefix service.imap:

configutil -p service.imap

To display the value of the service.smtp.port configuration parameter:

configutil -o service.smtp.port

To set the value of the service.smtp.port configuration parameter to 25:

configutil -o service.smtp.port -v 25

To clear the value for the service.imap.banner configuration parameter:

configutil -o service.imap.banner -v ""

To display the refreshable status of the service.pop configuration parameters:

configutil -m -p service.pop

This example of the -m option could produce the following sample output:

service.pop.allowanonymouslogin = no [REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.banner = "%h %p service (%P %V)" [REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.createtimestamp = 20030315011827Z [REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.creatorsname = "cn=directory manager" [REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.enable = yes [NOT REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.enablesslport = no [NOT REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.idletimeout = 10 [REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.maxsessions = 600 [NOT REFRESHABLE]
service.pop.maxthreads = 250 [NOT REFRESHABLE]