Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The counterutil utility displays and changes counters in a counter object. It can also be used to monitor a counter object every 5 seconds.

Requirements: Must be run locally on the Messaging Server as root.

Location: msg_svr_base/sbin/


counterutil -o counterobject [-i interval] [-l] [-n numiterations]
[-r registryname]


The options for this command are:



-i interval

Specifies, in seconds, the interval between reports. The default is 5.


Lists the available counter objects in the registry specified by the -r option.

-n numiterations

Specifies the number of iterations. The default is infinity. 

-o counterobject

Continuously display the contents of a particular counter object every 5 seconds. 

-r registryname

Indicates the counter registry to use. If no registryname is specified with the -r registryname option, the default is msg_svr_base/data/counter/counter.


To list all counter objects in a given server’s counter registry:

counterutil -l

To display the content of a counter object imapstat every 5 seconds:

counterutil -o imapstat -r \

For complete details on counterutil, refer to the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide.