Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The deliver utility delivers mail directly to the message store accessible by IMAP or POP mail clients.

If you are administering an integrated messaging environment, you can use this utility to deliver mail from another MTA, a sendmail MTA for example, to the Messaging Server message store.

Note –

The deliver utility is only for use with files which are already completely and properly formed email messages.

Requirements: Must be run locally on the Messaging Server; the stored utility must also be running. Make sure that the environment variable CONFIGROOT is set to msg_svr_base/config.

Location on UNIX: msg_svr_base/sbin/


deliver [-a authid][-l] [-c] [-d] [-r address] [-f address]
[-m mailbox] [-q] [-g flag] [ userid]...

You can specify multiple userids.


The options for this command are:



-a authid

Specifies the authorization ID of the sender. Defaults to anonymous. 


Automatically creates the mailbox if it doesn’t exist in the message store. 


This option is recognized by deliver in order to maintain compatibility with /bin/mail, but it is ignored by deliver.

-g flag

Sets the system flag or keyword flag on the delivered message. 

-f address

Inserts a forwarding path header containing address. 


Delivers messages using the LMTP protocol (RFC 2033). 

-m mailbox

Delivers mail to mailbox.

  • If any user ids are specified, attempts to deliver mail to mailbox for each user id. If the access control on a mailbox does not grant the “p” right to the value of authid passed in with the -a option or if the -m option is not specified, then this option delivers mail to the inbox for the userid, regardless of the access control on the inbox.

  • If no userids are specified, this option attempts to deliver mail to mailbox. If the access control on a mailbox does not grant the “p” right to the value of the authid passed in with the -a option, the delivery fails.

  • When using deliver -m mailbox userid, mailbox can just be the IMAP folder name, but when using deliver -m mailbox, mailbox must be in the format user/userid/folder


Overrides mailbox quotas. Delivers messages even when the receiving mailbox is over quota. 

-r address

Inserts a Return-Path: header containing address.


Deliver to inbox the user specified by userid.

If you specify no options, mail is delivered to the inbox.


To deliver the contents of a file named message to Fred’s tasks mailbox:

deliver -m tasks fred < message

In the above example, if the tasks mailbox does not grant “p” rights to the value of the authid passed in with the -a option, the contents of message.list are delivered to the inbox of the user fred.