Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Configuring the file

Modify the parameters in file to configure address book store, corporate directory and any remote directories.

Table 6-4 lists the settings stored in file.

Table 6–4 Configuration Settings Stored in File


Default Value 




Specifies the pattern used to dynamically construct the psRoot value for a user. The psroot identifies the location where a user entry resides.

%U = uid of the user ("jsmith") 

%D = domain of the user ("") 

%O = most significant part of the domain ("siroe") 


Specifies the name of the java class implementing the plug-in. For example, LDAP plug-in. 


Specifies the URL in the format: 


Based on this parameter the xxx instance is identified. 

This value should correspond to the “bookremoteurl” attribute stored in defaultps.xml file. 


Specifies the path to the configuration directory containing the LDAP information for this instance. 

If the path is relative, it is relative to the location of this file. 


Specifies the minimum number of characters to be provided in a wild card search. 


Specifies whether the plug-in supports random access and whether each page must be accessed from the first page. 

If false, the search process will continue to search until it gets the right page. 


For a corporate directory this value should be true. 



Set the value to true to use the user’s psRoot value. If set to false, the defaultserver values are used.