Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Configuring defaultps.xml file

The defaultps.xml file contains the default definitions for personal and corporate address books that are created in the LDAP store when a user logs in for the first time.

Each book node contains a book definition that is created for users in the domain under which the defaultps.xml file resides.

Following are examples of the XML sections in defaultps.xml that contain the definitions of Personal Address Book and a Corporate Address Book.

Personal Address Book XML

Example 6–1 XML section containing Personal Address Book Definitions

<book booktype="abook"\>
<entry entryID="pab"\>
<displayname\>_Personal Address Book</displayname\>
<description\>_This is your Personal Address Book</description\>

Corporate Directory XML

Example 6–2 XML section containing Corporate Address Book Definitions

<book booktype="abook"
<entry entryID="idirectory"\>
<displayname\>_Corporate Directory</displayname\>
<description\>_This is Corporate Directory</description\>

ProcedureCorporate Address Book

For corporate and remote address books a corresponding xxx instance should exist in the file. The value of in file should be assigned the value of bookremoteurl attribute present in defaultps.xml file.

To add a new remote address book, you need to add the following items:

  1. Add a new book node in defaultps.xml file

  2. Add a new xxx instance in file.

  3. Create a directory under WEB-INF/config to store the and xlate files.

    Note –

    The xlate files contains the field mappings between an LDAP schema and address book XML schema for a contact or group.