Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Tuning Directory Server

This section describes the tuning you can perform on Directory Server to enhance performance.

Indexing the LDAP Directory Server

To improve the performance of Communications Express when Calendar Server accesses the LDAP directory server, index the following LDAP attributes:

Note –

The script adds indexes for icsCalendar , icsCalendarOwned, mail, and mailAlternateAddress attributes.

Setting the nsSizeLimit and nsLookthroughLimit Parameters

It is important that the nsSizeLimit and nsLookthroughLimit parameters in User/Group LDAP directory server configuration is large enough for searches to be completed properly.

To determine if these parameters are set to appropriate values, type the following command:

ldapsearch -b /base/ (&(icscalendarowned=*/user/*)(objectclass=icsCalendarUser))


/base/ is the LDAP base DN of the directory server where the user and resource data for Calendar Server is located.

/user/ is the value that an end user can enter in Calendar Search dialog under the Subscribe option in Communications Express.

The LDAP server returns an error, if the nsSizeLimit or the nsLookthroughLimit parameter is not large enough.

Follow these guidelines to reset nsSizeLimit or the nsLookthroughLimit parameters: