Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Tuning Calendar Server

This section describes how load balancing across multiple CPU on Calendar Server can enhance performance.

Using Load Balancing Across Multiple CPU

If a server has multiple CPUs, by default Calendar Server distributes the HTTP Service such as cshttpd processes and Distributed Database Service such as csdwpd processes across CPUs.

The service.http.numprocesses and service.dwp.numprocesses parameters in ics.conf determine the actual number of processes that run for each service. By default, these parameters are set to the number of CPUs for the server during installation, but you can reset these values. For example, if a server has 8 CPUs, but you want a cshttpd and csdwpd process to run in only 4 CPUs, set the parameters as:



ProcedureTo disable load balancing

  1. Add the service.loadbalancing parameter to the ics.conf file

  2. Set service.loadbalancing to “no.

  3. Restart Calendar Server for the change to take effect.

    For information on load balancing refer to Appendix C, Calender Server Performance Tuning, in the Sun ONE Calendar Server 6.0 Administrator’s Guide