Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Tuning Web Server

This section describes the tuning you can perform on Web Server to enhance performance.

Setting The Value of acceptorthreads

In server.xml, change the value of the attribute acceptorthreads present in <vs\> (virtual server) element to the number of CPUs on the machine hosting Web Server.

For example:

<VS id="" connections="ls1" 
mime="mime1"aclids="acl1" urlhosts="<webserver 
hostname"acceptorthreads="<noofcpus\>" \>


Setting JVM Options

Add or set the following JVM options in the server.xml file of Web Server.

The following two parameters determine the heap size of JVM

The first option indicates Maximum heap size and the second option indicates Minimum heap size

It is recommended to have the same values for both the options.

Add the following JVM option


Set the following parameters for garbage Collection