Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Add-On Component Development Guide

Creating a JavaServer Faces Page for Your Task Group

A JavaServer Faces page for a task group uses the tag sun:commonTasksGroup. This tag provides all the capabilities of the Project Woodstock tag webuijsf:commonTasksGroup.

Example 3–10 Example JavaServer Faces Page for a Task Group

In the example, the sampleTaskGroup.jsf file has the following content:

<sun:commonTasksGroup title="My Own Sample Group">
            text="Go To Sample Resource"
            toolTip="Go To Sample Resource"
            onClick="return admingui.woodstock.commonTaskHandler('form:tree:resources:treeNode1', 
            text="Sample Configuration"
            toolTip="Go To Sample Configuration"
            onClick="return admingui.woodstock.commonTaskHandler('form:tree:configuration:sampleConfigNode', 

Note –

In the actual file, there are no line breaks in the onClick attribute values.

This file uses the sun:commonTasksGroup tag to specify the task group, and two sun:commonTask tags to specify the tasks in the task group. The sun:commonTasksGroup tag has only one attribute, title, which specifies the name of the task group.