Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Administration Guide

Oracle GlassFish Server Repositories

Table 10–1 lists the preconfigured repositories for Oracle GlassFish Server.

Table 10–1 Oracle GlassFish Server Preconfigured Repositories




Commercial, production quality versions of the core components and add-on components of Oracle GlassFish Server

Additional add-on components that are contributed by Oracle partners

Additional add-on components that are contributed by the GlassFish community

Developmental, beta, and prerelease versions of the components in the repository

For Oracle GlassFish Server installations, the publisher is designated as the preferred publisher. To ensure that installations contain only commercial, production quality version of components by default, the preferred publisher is treated specially by the tools for updating GlassFish Server software:

If you have support for Oracle GlassFish Server, you can acquire an SSL certificate and key to change the preferred publisher's repository URL from to This repository provides more frequent commercial, production quality updates. For more information, see the Certificate Generator.