Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Release Notes

Port conflict when starting domain1 or samples domain after upgrading from 8.0 Platform Edition to 8.2 Platform Edition. (ID 6202188)

After upgrading an 8.0 Application Server with multiple domains, the domains may not be able to start simultaneously due to having the same port number configured for the JMX connector.


Change the port value.

ProcedureTo change the port value

  1. Check the install dir /domains/domain1/config/domain.xml file, for the following entry:

    <jmx-connector accept-all="false" address="" auth-realm-name=
    "admin-realm" enabled="true" name="system" port="8686" protocol="rmi_jrmp" 
    security-enabled="false"/\>" -- and in file <as 8.1 install dir\>
    /domains/domain1/samples/config/domain.xml, notice it used the same port 
    "8686", so it failed to start domain due to port conflict.
  2. Change the port value 8686 to 8687, and then restart domain1.