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Sun StorageTek 5000 NAS OS Software Release Notes

Software Release 4.12



New Features

System Requirements

Software Updates

Software Downgrades

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues From Previous Releases

Known Issues

Cluster-Specific Issues

Sun StorageTek File Replicator-Specific Issues

Gateway-Specific Issues

Addenda to the Documentation

Connections for HA Functionality on Cluster Gateway Systems

Cabling on IBRM Cluster Systems

Assigning LUN Paths for Gateway Cluster Systems

Adding Storage to the Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliance and Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Appliance

iSCSI LUN Performance

Cluster Power-On Procedure

Mounting File Systems

Management GUI Fault Tolerance vs. High Availability

Drive Letter Assignments to File Systems

Compliance Feature

Upgrade to 4.10 or Higher Requires Resetting the Timezone

Connecting the Gateway System to the Sun StorEdge 6130 Array

Making the Sun StorEdge 6130 Array SAN Storage Available

Reintroduction of a LUN Requires a Reboot

Offline LUNs Cannot Be Deleted

Do Not Manually Mount /CVOL

File Replication Using Clusters

Exporting a File Volume

MIB Files

NAS System Log Messages

Release Documentation

Service Contact Information