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Sun StorageTek NAS OS Software Release Notes, Version 4.22.M1

Version 4.22.M1



1. Sun StorageTek NAS OS Release Notes, Version 4.22.M1

New Features in This Release

System Requirements

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Determine the Software Version

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Determine Firmware Revision Levels

Software Updates and Downgrades

Service Contact Information

Resolved Issues in This Release

Resolved Issues in Previous Release

Known Issues

Web Administrator Issues

Microsoft Windows Issues

Distributed File System (DFS) Issues

rsync Issues

NDMP Issues

Antivirus Issues

Array Firmware Issues

Cluster Issues

Sun StorageTek File Replicator Issues

iSCSI-Specific Issues

Documentation Issues

Addenda to the Documentation

Deleting a LUN

About Workgroup Security

About Distributed File System (DFS) Support

About Volume Shadow Copy (VSS)

Updating Antivirus Support

Installing the Storage Management Initiative - Specification (SMI-S) Provider

Improvements to Volume Management

Enhancements to Web Administrator

Navigation Panel

Searching for Volumes

Sorting Tables

About the McAfee Secure Internet Gateway

About the rsync Protocol

Restrictions on rsync

Configuring rsync

Using rsync

About Online System Registration and Auto Service Request (ASR)

Requirements for Online System Registration and ASRs

Enabling Online Registration and ASRs

Creating a Core Dump File

Configuring Quotas With Limits

Collecting Information for Configuration

Using a Sun StorageTek Flexline 380

Exempting a Host Group from Virus Scans

Configuring Sun StorageTek File Replicator

Upgrading to NDMP V4

Using a Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS Expansion Unit With a Sun StorEdge 5300 RAID EU Controller Enclosure

Using a Sun StorageTek 5320 RAID Controller Unit With a Sun StorEdge 5300 RAID CU Controller Enclosure

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade Array and Drive Firmware on 5300 and 5320 RAID Controllers

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade the Sun StorEdge 5300 RAID Controller

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade the StorageTek 5320 RAID Controller

Release Documentation