Sun StorageTek 5800 System SDK Developer's Guide


In the following examples, “first” is a keyword.

     java Query server "’King’"
     java Query server "\"first\"=’a’"
     java Query "mp3.artist=’The Beatles’ AND mp3.album=’Abbey Road’"
     java Query "mp3.artist=’The Beatles’" -s mp3.album -s mp3.title
     java Query system.test.type_char="’do re mi’"
     java Query system.test.type_string="’fa so la’"
     java Query system.test.type_long=123
     java Query system.test.type_double=1.23
     java Query system.test.type_binary="x’0789abcdef’"
     java Query system.test.type_date="’2010-10-20’"
     java Query system.test.type_time="’23:30:29’"
     java Query system.test.type_timestamp="{timestamp’2010-10-20T23:30:29.123Z’}"