Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 Programmer's Guide to Web Applications


The following table describes properties for the session-properties element. The left column lists the property name, the middle column indicates the default value, and the right column describes what the property does.

Table 6–19 session-properties Properties

Property Name  

Default Value  




Specifies the default maximum inactive interval (in seconds) for all sessions created in this web application. If set to 0 or less, sessions in this web application do not expire.

If a session-timeout element is specified in the web.xml file, the session-timeout value overrides any timeoutSeconds value. If neither session-timeout nor timeoutSeconds is specified, the timeoutSeconds default is used.

Note that the session-timeout element in web.xml is specified in minutes, not seconds.



Uses cookies for session tracking if set to true.



Enables URL rewriting. This provides session tracking via URL rewriting when the browser does not accept cookies. You must also use an encodeURL or encodeRedirectURL call in the servlet or JSP.